My Dream Job!

2018 has been a great year with some very exciting commission opportunities. I love it when a client says “just go do your thing at this special place that I want paintings of.” If you have a special place in mind, I would love to make paintings of it for you! It is best if I can visit in person to make on-location studies. Below are some examples of my 2018 commissions.

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36”x24” oil on panel, Scudder Island

36”x24” oil on panel, Scudder Island

Desbarats, Ontario

In 2018 I was commissioned to paint this privately owned island in central Ontario. My family has a summer cabin in the area so I know it well and was thrilled to have a serious commission here! My client wanted one 24”x36” painting depicting his island, and four small plein-air paintings from the surrounding area. I made as many plein air paintings as I could, and my client had first choice of the lot before I sold the rest. The plein air paintings also gave us references as we discussed what he was drawn to for his larger painting. During the commission process, I try to provide visual references along the way such as sketches and preliminary studies so the client can be involved in the process as we develop an idea.


Redwood Forest

24 x 44 inches, oil on linen, 2018

Sonoma County, California. The inspiration for this commission was a secret redwood grove on the client’s property in Sonoma County. To access the grove, one must hike 45 minutes straight down hill, and it feels like quite a mystical quest as you travel from sunny hilltops down into a deep ravine with towering redwood trees. I spent four days painting in this forest to gather reference material for my big painting, and another 3 days painting the hills above and the nearby beaches. All the small paintings below are between 4”x5” to 9”x12” and together they create a nice series that depicts the variety of landscapes around the client’s home.

Hope Ranch, Santa Barbara, CA

The client for this commission wanted four small paintings of their family home. I was shown several places that had special meaning to my client, but also given plenty of freedom to explore and find my own inspiration. Each of these paintings is 6”x8” and will be given as gifts to other family members who grew up on this property. The property will be sold this year, so this was a great way to honor the memories this family shares here!

Portola Valley, CA

Similar to the commission above, this client wanted four small paintings of their family property to give as gifts to the family members who grew up here. I spent two days exploring along old logging roads and painting each of these 6”x8” paintings.

Appleton Farms, Ipswich, Massachusetts

One of the shareholders at Appleton Farms asked me to make a painting of this very special place. The farm was founded in 1636 and operated by the Appleton family until 1967 when it was acquired by a local conservation organization. It is the oldest continuously operating farm in America, producing dairy products, beef, and produce. Sustainable farming practices ensure that the landscape also provides a safe habitat for wildlife and birds. I spent two days working on location and used the plein air studies as reference to make this final painting, which is 11”x18”

Appleton Farms, 11”x18”, oil

Appleton Farms, 11”x18”, oil

Still Life Commissions

Lately I find myself doing a lot of still life commissions. The prices start at $400 for a 6”x6” painting and have gone up to $2200 for a 10”x20” painting. Below are some examples of my still life paintings.

Dog Portraits

I love dogs! I will paint other animals, and people too, if you really want me to. Here are some examples of dog portraits I have done. I definitely need good photo references for a pet portrait! If you don’t live too far away, I can meet your pet in person for a photoshoot. It is also possible to do something via email.


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